What Is A Domain Broker?

A domain broker is an individual who is tasked with the responsibility of finding a buyer that will pay the asking price for the domain of a seller, irrespective of how high it is. While this line of thought is well-known, in truth, it is nothing but a misconception. The Job of a domain broker is quite different from the general belief. Here’s why. A domain broker has no business finding a buyer for domains that are placed at unfair asking prices. He or she primarily agrees to locate buyers who will purchase domain names at fair market values. When this is done, such brokers are then paid a percentage of the market value. Having said that, to further explain who domain brokers are, discussed below are all you should know about domain brokers. 

What Does A Domain Broker Do? 

If you have ever pondered on the possibility of getting a domain name sold for a fair price without stress, then that was you unknowingly analyzing the job of a domain brokerage service, or a domain broker. 

To start off on what domain brokers do, they either represent a domain name buyer, a domain name seller, or they operate as an unbiased third party between both the seller and the buyer. Domain brokers who represent domain buyers, privately attempt to purchase a domain on behalf of an individual or a company. When working for domain buyers, they keep their budgets in mind by purchasing domain names within the buyer’s budgets. On the flip side, domain brokers who act for domain sellers, primarily assist their clients in locating prospective buyers and negotiating fair prices for the domains. You should understand that before the brokers reach out to buyers, they have to reach an agreement with sellers to offer their domains at fair prices. Then, they go on to market such domains. Furthermore, brokers contact buyers through emails and phone calls.

Flowing from the above, tons of domain brokers possess a list of domain buyers and other clients. They periodically send out newsletters to individuals on their lists and notify such individuals of domain names that they have available for sale. When a transaction is successfully completed through a domain brokerage service, such domain brokers would charge a commission that’s between ten and twenty percent of the agreed sales price. So, if through the assistance of a broker you are able to shortly sell your domain name for $10,000, your broker would charge you $1000 to $2000, thereby leaving you with $8000 to $9000. That’s profitable to you as it saves you the stress of bargaining for fair prices and convincing prospective buyers to purchase what you have on offer. 

On a final note, the essence of domain brokerage service is that your broker does the hard work for you and charges you reasonably. So, you won’t need to worry about selling your domain name below is value.  

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